Creating and strengthening a network of Indigenous journalists and media practitioners from around the world that allows a variety of actions and efforts to come together, pushing for the recognition of the right to freedom of expression, right to information in the mother tongues of Indigenous Peoples within state and international legal frameworks.



Caucus Members


Dev Kumar Sunuwar

Dev Kumar Sunuwar is an Attorney and an Investigative Journalist in Nepal. Together with his colleagues, Dev founded Indigenous Media Foundation, several community radio stations and Indigenous Television, Nepal’s, in fact South Asia’s first and only Indigenous community television station. Comes from Koĩts-Sunuwar indigenous community, Dev holds masters’ degrees in journalism and mass communication, political science, and law, specializing in international law and human rights from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. He has worked in different media for more than 15 years, including print, radio, TV and online and also teaches international law. He also has worked as a column writer on Indigenous Peoples and minority groups for mainstream newspapers. He currently works Cultural Survival as Community Media Grant Program Associates.

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Avexnim Cojti

Avexnim Cojti (Maya K'iche'), Cultural Survival Community Media Grants Project Manager. Avexnim is from Chichicastenango, Guatemala. She is a sociologist with more than ten years of experience in the fields of immigration, community development, Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, and Indigenous rights in Guatemala. Most of her experience is in managing or delivering programs and projects that aim to improve the conditions of vulnerable populations. She has volunteered at community radio stations in Canada and is also part of the Community Radio Program and Indigenous Rights Radio team.

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Tuhi Martukaw (Jocelyn Ting-Hui Hung Chien)

Tuhi Martukaw (Jocelyn Ting-Hui Hung Chien) from the Kasavakan Community of the Pinuyumayan Peoples in Taiwan. BA in Diplomacy from National Chang-Chi University, Taiwan and MA in European Studies from University of Hamburg, Germany, currently acts as a freelance journalist and the coordinator and founder of the LIMA Taiwan Indigenous Youth Working Group. She is an active Indigenous youth at all levels. She was the co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, which is the working group recognized by the UN Permanent From on Indigenous Issues from 2010 to 2015. She founded the LIMA Taiwan Indigenous Youth Working Group in 2013 with the vision to connect the indigenous youth across the borders and continents, to share views and experiences, to contribute in the struggle of their rights and to build up their capacity to shoulder the responsibility of carrying on their cultural heritage and advocacy for equality and justice.

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Jenni Monet

Jenni Monet is an award-winning journalist who writes about Indigenous rights and injustice for such publications as The LA Times, The Guardian, the Center for Investigative Reporting and others. Jenni received top honors for her coverage of the Dakota Access Pipeline battle in which she chronicled the movement for six consecutive months, resulting in her arrest and ultimately her acquittal. Jenni is a tribal citizen of the Pueblo of Laguna and divides her time between New York and the Indigenous world.

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Jiten Yumnam

Jiten Yumnam is a journalist, human rights advocate and environmental activist in the state of Manipur. He is columnist with Imphal Free Press, Sangai Express, and so forth and also has produced several documentary films on various Indigenous Peoples issues in India. He has a deep understanding about the economics and its effects. He is from Meitei indigenous community, Manipur. He is a part of the group, Center for Research and Advocacy Manipur (CRAM) along with many other human rights groups have been involved in protesting against the exploitation of natural resources and human right violations in the Manipuri state. They have been working towards promoting sustainable development in the region. Shri Jiten has been giving a strong opposition against Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) and its enforcement to justify extra judicial killings of many in Manipur. He had been arrested in 2009 for continuously raising voices against the act but was finally released after human rights groups' pressure. He is one of those people who has deep understanding of the issues in North East India on human rights and environmental awareness. 

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David Hernández Palmar

David Hernández Palmar is Wayuu (Iipuana clan) from Venezuela.  He is a photographer, producer, filmmaker, journalist and independent curator.  He programs and curates the International Indigenous Showcase of Venezuela (MICIV) produced by The Wayaakua Indigenous Audiovisual Foundation of Venezuela and The Wayuu Film and Video Showcase. David is also Political Advisor of the Latin American Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples Film and Communication (CLACPI).@davidhpalmar

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Shaldon Ferris

Shaldon Ferris started his journey to find out about his roots after his mother told him that her maiden surname, Damakwa, was a clan name of an indigenous Khoe people. While discovering his roots, he became a film maker, winning an award at the Durban International Film Festival. Shaldon started volunteering at a local community radio station, Eldos FM, in 2009 and has occupied different roles as a presenter, producer, programs manager and marketing manager at the station.

Shaldon is an Indigenous Rights Radio producer at Cultural Survival. 

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Mary U. Carling

Mary U. Carling, A Kankaney who traces its Roots in Sagada, M.t Province, Cordillera Region. Born in Dec. 08, 1959; Graduated in College in 1983 with a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at the University of the Philippines, Baguio City, Cordillera region. Mary is a founding member, and later Chaired the organization of cultural workers and artist of the Dap-ayan ti Culture iti Cordillera (Cultural Council of Workers and Artist of the Cordillera). Mary is a Community organizer in Itogon Benguet (among the Ibaloi Tribe), providing coordination in their struggle against the San Roque Dam along the Agno River of Benguet.

And also has facilitated the formation of Radio Organization in Sagada and served as point person in the establishment and continued operation of the Radio. Station Manager of Radyo Sagada.

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Reynaldo Morales

Reynaldo Morales was born in Peru, developing an extensive career as investigative journalist, educational media producer and documentarian assisting and empowering Indigenous learning communities. He lives in United States since 2000, obtaining a masters of science in Curriculum & Instruction and Digital Media with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a fellow researcher and dissertator pursuing a joint PhD between the School of Education and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at UW-Madison. His research highlights the shifts in science and environmental research related to the restoration of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the protection of Indigenous cultural and genetic resources. 

In United States, Reynaldo has served for many years American Indian Nations and Tribes working as Educational Media educator around science and environmental education incorporating Indigenous Knowledge and culturally relevant pedagogies, using media and technology from Indigenous perspectives. Reynaldo also served during the last 6 years the Tribal Youth Media project and Global Health Field Course to train and bring together Tribal media producers and researchers and practitioners, to improve community health, education and environmental programs. Reynaldo organized and facilitated an international seminar on "Global Indigeneity and Sustainability" with the Institute for Regional and International Studies, and recently co-organized the Indian Law Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Reynaldo teaches an Ethnic Studies course at University of Wisconsin-Platteville called "The Native American Experience."

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